Can you show the numbers so I can understand what you mean?

Of course, here it is broken down.

JUNIOR MEMBER                                   SENIOR/CADET MEMBER

Juniors £18.00 per calendar month                Adults / Cadets £24.00 per calendar month

12 months = £216.00                                     12 months = £288.00

48 weeks = £4.50 per 1hr session                   48 weeks = £6.00 per 1½hr session

(£231.00 inc membership fee)                        (£303.00 inc membership fee)


PAY AS YOU GO                                      AS YOU GO

48 weeks @ £5.50* per session                     48 weeks @ £7.00* per session

£264.00 per annum training                         £336.00 per annum training


*Price per session from January 2015.


Do I have to pay if I’m not there?

Yes, as a member of the club, the idea is that you are showing a commitment to train and learn this life changing discipline, only through regular training will you achieve a greater understanding of this fantastic art. However religious festivals are unavoidable and are excluded. After all the club needs to be viable to be able to continue.

Is training cheaper as a member?

Yes it is, the training fee is payable per calendar month on the first session. Regardless if there are 4 or 5 weeks in a month, you will still be charged the same rate. The club pays more in a five week month for the hire of its halls but the member does not. It is averaged out over the year based on a 48 week year, which allows 2 weeks summer holiday and 2 weeks for Christmas.

What other benefits are there to being a member?

You are able to train on a second evening at another venue for half price, which represents excellent value for money if you average this out over a month or year.

Plus this is another incentive to train more often. And achieve greater success.

Why do I have to pay a membership fee?

The membership fee, is an annual charge of just £15.00 per year, this is put towards the administration costs of handling each students details and consumables required to run the club i.e. printer supplies and stamps etc.

Why is this not covered by the licence fee?

The licence fee goes directly to the association for your personal insurance, which allows you to participate. The club does not receive any money.